Business Coaching Program

Business Coaching Program

Business coaching for women

The Business Coaching Program


This program is suited to women Solopreneurs, in health and wellness or serviced based businesses who want to take “that thing that they do” and turn it into a profitable business. This is ideal for startup businesses and established businesses that have hit a plateau in their income.


The Business Coaching Program – Done With You


  • Deciding on your business – Vision – goals – brainstorming skills etc in this session we pull everything you already know and work out what can be profitable from that.
  • Planning Session – This is where we plan your daily activities so you know exactly what you need to do each day to grow your business and reach your income goals
  • Profit Pyramid (maps out how to make the money goal happen and what you need to create at each price point) Shows you what you need to create to earn the money you want in your business
  • Niche & Ideal Client – finding out the details of your niche market so that you can find them, connect with them and grow your tribe
  • Branding with Archetypes – This assessment will work out what your brand is, what experience you are giving your clients, what keywords you need to use to attract your clients for blogs posts etc
  • Signature System – this is where I teach you how to put together your own signature system program with what you know and what you want to teach your clients
  • Charge what they are worth – this is where you will learn how to price your programs and how to sell them


What Else Do You Need To Know


Each session is a module designed to help you break through barriers, learn new skills and charge what you’re worth and get it.  You will receive templates and handouts so you just need to rinse and repeat these processes in the future to keep your business and income growing.


The Business Coaching Program is a done-with-you program with mentoring so it is all done face to face or on Skype and is tailored to your business.


Also Included


The Startup Business Coaching Program also includes a VIP Day to plan out your business for the next 12 months and the goals and milestones we will achieve.


What to do next


Book a consultation and tell me more about your business.  Let’s see if this program suits your needs and how I can help you specifically.

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